FREE 15 minute phone or Skype conversation to discuss whether you may benefit from a full consultation.

Initial Consultation (lasts approximately 1 hour) and one Follow- Up Consultation (lasts approximately 30 minutes) £50 for both / €45 for both.

Further Follow-Up Consultations for the same health issue: £10 / €9 per 30 minutes.

Please note that herbal medicines are NOT provided as part of the consultation.  Rachel will recommend which herbs, preparations and dosages may benefit you, but at this time you will need to source them yourself (Rachel can let you know several places where you can get them).

Payments to be made in cash, cheque or bank transfer at the time of consultation.  Card payments are not accepted at this time.

What to expect

During the 15 minute phone or Skype consultation, Rachel will ask you to provided a few details about your current health issue(s) and what you hope to gain from a consultation.  She may ask for some personal details such as whether you are currently taking medication, have any long term health issues and your approximate age.  This information is useful in ensuring Rachel can provide as effective a service as possible.  If both parties are happy to continue to the Initial Consultation, a convenient time (and location if appropriate) will be arranged.

During the Initial Consultation, Rachel will explain what to expect on arrival. There will be a form to fill in about your health and lifestyle (takes approximately 5 minutes) and Rachel will discuss with you the ‘Terms of Engagement’ and provide you with a copy to take home.  This outlines the client-herbalist relationship.  Rachel will then ask you some more detailed questions about your health and lifestyle as a whole, and more specific questions on the particular health issue(s) that you wish to address.  Using this information, Rachel will suggest possible herbs that may benefit you.  Through discussion that includes your personal preferences, Rachel will provide you with a list of remedies, preparations and doses that you may wish to try.

Depending on the nature of you particular health issue, a 30 minute Follow-Up Consultation is offered around 4-6 weeks after your Initial Consultation.  If there are any issues prior to this, you can contact Rachel earlier for advice. During the Follow-Up Consultation we will discuss your health concern(s) and whether you feel the herbal suggestions offered are benefiting you.  Doses may be adjusted or further recommendations made.  Clients can have as many Follow-Up Consultations as they wish relating to the Initial Consultation at the rate of an additional £10 / €9 per 30 minutes each time, however if they are asking advice on a different health issue, another Initial Consultation will need to be conducted.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. Click here for contact information.